Mccubbin Hosiery / Leg Apparel LLC / AMIEE LYNN,

ST One (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd 爱诗提(上海)贸易有限公司,(above China agent)

Guardian Capital and Patriot Capital, the merger.


Daytona Apparel Group, (continue business by this name )

Winter Harbor LLC

CONMAN: Yoela Kohen, Sherry He, Sophia Li, Arthur Lavitt,Dalton Edgecomb.


Facts: import from China and don't make payment intentionally, they know they are dying but still buy a lot, as long as they get goods they never reply emails, or just lie that they are ok and on holiday, ...but actually they just play games, they import crazily form china and no plan to pay at all, a lot of factories became victims...

if they cannot pay, they shouldn't import more, they can file bankruptcy through formal way...we can forgive them if they are honest...

but they never tell truth,  I will spread their scams online, to let everybody know their disgusting scam way...

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Emails details:


Dear Dalton

obviously it is a scam...

so far you all tell me everything is OK, just need time to get back, only after I post online then you tell me truth?

when I email you we will file claims to insurance company, you didn't reply me, now it is too late to file claims, if it is real why not tell me the truth when I pushing so hard...? why only yesterday you send me the LETTER TO CREDITOR? tell me the truth exactly when Mccubbin stopped for business??? accord to J  you stopped business last year? and you owe him a lot ..

god is watching us, please be honest, if it is true, you know you are in bad situation but still import from us and no pay, it is really a scam...

I will not only post our emails to Linkenin and fackbook...I have VPN...I will also built websites, submitted to google, trust me ,I am good at computer...unless you don't want do business now..if someone acquired Muccubbin they should pay muccubbin's debt as well...

how can they only get asserts but refuse debts? it is not a right way, everybody knows the rule..

 you say McCubbin is no longer in business, why you don't tell truth before?only after 5 month after I threaten post online then you suddently say no longer?




From: Dalton Edgecomb

Date: 2020-05-28 23:07


CC: arthursammiYoela Kohen

Subject: RE: RE: CZHLSMCCUBBIN0108D SHA2000163//PO# R&L.1068

I assure you that McCubbin no longer operates a Shanghai office.   They assets were have been sold and the buyer is now operating that office.  The statements in my letter are accurate.

Those companies you mentioned are not selling to McCubbin, they are selling to the company that purchased McCubbin’s assets.


Dalton T. Edgecomb

Winter Harbor LLC

203 253-1862


From: <> 
Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2020 10:36 AM
To: Dalton Edgecomb <>
Cc: arthur <>; sammi <>; Yoela Kohen <>
Subject: Re: RE: CZHLSMCCUBBIN0108D SHA2000163//PO# R&L.1068


that is not true, shanghai office still works, orders still placed...

I will have to spread news to all socks factories...

to tell them stop ship orders to you...

the other day both Yoela Cohen and Sophia Li told me everything is still in right track,

how can you suddenly stop?

J is big company ,  it is small money to him, I met him today,..anyway he stopped supply with you...


but I am small company only help a friend to sell closeout, I need 100% paid...

as I said Y stopped with you

but  A ,O ,  A , W, S, X, they are still producing to you...

I will  ask them to stop with you...

also to all zhuji factories.

when you say McCubbin is no longer in business, why you don't tell truth before?


From: Dalton Edgecomb

Date: 2020-05-28 22:02


Subject: RE: Fw: CZHLSMCCUBBIN0108D SHA2000163//PO# R&L.1068

Attached is a letter the explains recent events at McCubbin and the current status.   McCubbin is no longer in business and is not purchasing product from any supplier.


Dalton T. Edgecomb

Chief Restructuring Officer

McCubbin Hosiery, LLC

Managing Partner

Winter Harbor LLC

203 253-1862



发送时间: 2020-05-28 14:14

收件人: apleg; Yoela Kohen; Sherry He; sammi; blaffoon

抄送: arthur; Sophia Li; Gao Zhi Qiang; Grace J; CustomerService; Lisa; info; info; bholland; gchai; tcaldwell; Rgoldmann;JBrock; mccubbin; Info; patriotpartners

主题: Re: Re: CZHLSMCCUBBIN0108D SHA2000163//PO# R&L.1068

TO: Mccubbin Hosiery,

TO: Leg Apparel Llc,

CC: Patriot Capital ; Guardian Capital


I just met with J ,

you owe him lots of money.

we found that you have been buying from China and no plan to pay for a very long time.

you plotted this since very long time ago, buying and no pay ...

this is very disgusting way...

if you dont pay me today, I will definately spreading our emails online to everywhere...

this is last call,

I may also uniteJ and J and L to sit at your shanghai office.... they will all listen to me.

I know you owe them plenty of money....but owe me only 23370 USD,

if you dont pay me you will lose more, I will spread to your licensors , your retailers...


Best regards!


发件人: R

发送时间: 2020-05-26 19:25

收件人: apleg; Yoela Kohen; Sherry He

抄送: arthur; Sophia Li; Gao Zhi Qiang; Grace J

主题: Re: Re: CZHLSMCCUBBIN0108D SHA2000163//PO# R&L.1068

Dears all, 

I hope you all doing well!

It is already more than four months after we shipped the order.  today I saw your orders are producing in our city. , that means  you are back to working already. there is no excuse that don't pay us.. 
I will publish our stories to Linkedin and all other social medias. I have linked in with most  socks buyer in new york. I can also spread to all zhuji socks factories that you dont want to pay. 

 but if you don't pay I have to tell truth...also to YIWU head band, bra,belt. hats suppliers...

dont blame me to do such radical way...too long time ...

Best regards!




发送时间: 2020-05-22 19:31

收件人: apleg; Yoela Kohen; Sherry He

抄送: arthur; Sophia Li; Gao Zhi Qiang; Grace J

主题: Re: Re: CZHLSMCCUBBIN0108D SHA2000163//PO# R&L.1068

Dear AP teams,

hope you all are well!

as I said we got all payment from our US customers.

only 1 customer paid 2 weeks late,

but they keep saying sorry and sending apologize letter as attached, I remove the company name to protect their privacy.

so even if you can't pay now, but please advise a date...

so I can reply to my friend. as you know I helped my friend to close out the closeout....

this is one time order, let us call it a deal.

can anybody send me AP's cell#, so I can call them...thank you!

Best regards!



发件人: rick

发送时间: 2020-05-19 19:03

收件人: Yoela Kohen; SherryH

抄送: arthur; apleg; Sophia Li

主题: Re: Re: CZHLSMCCUBBIN0108D SHA2000163//PO# R&L.1068

Dear Yoela.

it was said new york reopened on 5/15?

quite appreciated to push for our payment...

this is really too too long time...

could you reply me today?

could you advise your AP's tel#, please? 

Best regards!


发件人: r

发送时间: 2020-04-16 08:44

收件人: arthur; apleg

抄送: Yoela Kohen

主题: Re: Re: CZHLSMCCUBBIN0108D SHA2000163//PO# R&L.1068

Dear Arthur. 

We can donate 500 pcs of disposable 3 layer masks. 
Thank you!

Best regards!



From: r

Date: 2020-04-09 17:54

To: arthur; apleg

CC: Yoela Kohen

Subject: Re: Re: CZHLSMCCUBBIN0108D SHA2000163//PO# R&L.1068

resend... can somebody reply....


Best regards!



From: r

Date: 2020-04-06 20:24

To: arthur; apleg; Sherry He

CC: Yoela Kohen

Subject: Re: Re: CZHLSMCCUBBIN0108D SHA2000163//PO# R&L.1068

Dear Arthur,

long time no contact, I hope you are well!

we can see from news that things are getting worse in new York. a lot of people infected by virus ,  please stay at home and be safe.

could you help to push your accounts team to make payment for a small order.


I really don't like to push you. But it is only small money for a closeout order. we don't earn money for closeout but to help a friend , please help. I suggest you can postpone payment to your regular suppliers, They have big orders from you so you can hold their payment during the situation. But we are only 1 time order for a closeout. your on time payment will be very appreciated, so far it is already 2 weeks past 60 days credit.

Thank you so much! take care!

Best regards!



发件人: r

发送时间: 2020-04-01 12:54

收件人: apleg; Sherry He

抄送: Yoela Kohen

主题: Re: Fw: CZHLSMCCUBBIN0108D SHA2000163//PO# R&L.1068

Dear Bridgette,

I hope you are well and working at home.

our accountant is pushing me to get paid,

this is closeout price we don't earn money , it is small order could you please help to make payment..

so far we can get payment from other US customer by bank online. they pay at home, thank you in advannce.


Best regards!



From: r

Date: 2020-03-26 17:18

To: apleg; Sherry He

CC: Yoela Kohen

Subject: Fw: Re: CZHLSMCCUBBIN0108D SHA2000163//PO# R&L.1068

this is resend email, please reply, thank you!


Dear Bridgette,

I hope you are well!

you are appreciated to make payment for attached Invoice.

Thank you! ,please take care and be safe!

Best regards!



发件人: r

发送时间: 2020-02-10 14:03

收件人: Sophia Li; Sherry He

抄送: Lvdi Dior

主题: Re: 答复: CZHLSMCCUBBIN0108D SHA2000163//PO# R&L.1068

Dear Sophia,

please see atached telex released BL .

also CI and PL for payment. thank you!


Best regards!